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Between Us / Poem

​I hv lived with your love and hate

Ruthlessly you have pushed me like a bate

Why is it always feels like a new death 

Whenever you leave me

In the banks of promises

Master, I was deeply in love

You came back each time 

My skin wasnt ready 

My soul screamed in disgrace
At times, its difficult

Because I made love,
More with the soiled words

Than the rosy buds


Actor:Author:Blogger:TelevisionHost:Woman. ❤

12 thoughts on “Between Us / Poem

  1. Why u used the word “bate” ?
    Can u explain ?
    It’s Good, Please write cheerful poems also.
    The feeling of Disappointment, desperation in this poem.
    Why u not responding to my comments ?
    I saw ur responses to others but not mine !

    1. Prasad. They are following my blog so i was getting wordpress notification. Ur comment was in mail box.

      I Do write cheerful poems.. and stories.. will post them as well going frwd.

      Bate – to deprive.. or to see the love in a lesser way.


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