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Anonymous / Poem

Grits and the spirit in it 

A lot of smiles questioned today
Withholding a name,
Love in the times of enchanting folklore

Answer came floating in slowly
Still it made sense dipped in silence
Its more about their sky over the woods
Never about the sea under any vessel !

She flew towards the sky
Brooding woods still have him
With a few glances at eachother,
Boundless they live, and their names.


Actor:Author:Blogger:TelevisionHost:Woman. ❤

5 thoughts on “Anonymous / Poem

      1. ohh kavitha, how beautiful do you seem to be love? as i slowly look into your eyes so dreamy only to fall in love, like i never have, for you’re the snowy sunset, i’d love to wake up to, on mornings so pleasant, but just because your hand was in mine love! oh let me caress your hair while i poetry you to sleep, for you my love, are beautiful, just the way you’re..

        you seem really beautiful, love. i can write all day for you. i wish, i could whisper poetry, while my hands would caress your only to put you to sleep.

      2. and also, i wanted to say love, even tho i see you smile, in all the pictures that you might post, but your eyes are telling me a different story altogether! your eyes calls for romance, care, only so i could caress you to sleep, on a night so dark, and whisper poetry in your ears, only to witness you smile, for you my love, then will smile, from your heart. oh lay on my lap, and let me feed you, only so that your eyes will be in mine, like never before, for then my love, you’ll smile! oh let me sweep you off your feet, and spin while it’s raining, like never before, only to now witness you smile, and oh my love, don’t mind, if now i fell in love w your enchanting smile, that you’d let out, only to kiss you, on your cheek.

        i’m sorry, if anything was inappropriate! i apologize. i just felt it, so i said it. well, i’d love to write for you more! just let me know, okay? and i’m sorry, if anything you’d read was creepy or something like that. this was just meant to make you smile and i know this will! still, i apologize. take care!

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