Old Lady & Love

I think about a faraway land

I think about a meal I would cook in a dim kitchen

Where I do not get to see my wrinkled body and grey hair

I only smell mystery around

The more I stay there..the less I worry..

If its an evening, I would look at the sunset

Hoping for an early dinner and some music

I tend to walk around with a glass of wine

I want to look at the silly rustic things then

Vases..flowers..corners..old furniture..

Then I may search for something really special

I leave my wine glass somewhere

Now stepping outside, wondering what time it would be,

Untimely wind catches the very urge in me

I look around and I try hard not to miss anything

From the darkness I see someone walking towards me

With all the moonlight in his eyes alone

Here, He is my time

He is my reason

And, He becomes those few seconds before death

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