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Poetry / Poem

Rendezvous with a picture unseen

Hello I have known you from thirteen

Skirts grew, hair fell, skin seamed

Again I hush’d the darkest waves in lead

Today she brewed agony in an ink bottle

Tomorrow she throws poems in purple

Soon after the letters come alive and dance

Her narrow throat will take a gulp of romance

I saw her walking downstairs in rapture

Looking away, she walked out of the picture

Her fingers were dancing in smoky air

Completing last few lines of holy affair


Actor:Author:Blogger:TelevisionHost:Woman. ❤

17 thoughts on “Poetry / Poem

  1. Very very Good. Keep writing poems & short stories with a pressure free mind… I saw you at poornathrayeesha temple, Tripunithura just before Onam in 2016. You were there for a shoot for a short film. We love your acting, poems & short stories. I hardly gets time usually because of my busy shedule.
    but still i manages to look through your writings when ever i gets time.
    My US friend, he’s a native american, my business partner, really likes your poem.

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