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Pale Blue Jacket / Poem

Brooding woman now has a pale blue jacket

Always had her thoughts warm in loose pockets

Years ago on a late winter night she remembers,

The jacket came with an obscure letter

It reads a lot about love and hatred

Mostly rooted in kisses,

Concealed with terminal body aches

And she reads it everynight followed

Her sleep left alarmed in the middle of all seasons

Turning her stormy and crumbled for unknown reasons

The pale blue jacket hangs just like a dreamcatcher

Even after seeing her swinging with no fragrance

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Summer In Her / Poem

Interlaced thoughts are her hobby for summer

She picks them from tender kisses and vicious blows

Candidly opens them again with a diluted smile

Thinking, it may inhaled easily and spread all over her body

Keeps on juggling whimsical events with ordinary

Fuelled with ignored emotions and greasy steps

Regardless subdued nights or unattached days..

She could count them unconstrained

Sipping a lemonade,her spirit aroused

Embracing all the infant thoughts she woke up

Its another summer to swallow

But first she took a dive in it.

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Old Lady and Love / Poem

I think about a faraway land

I think about a meal I would cook in a dim kitchen

Where I do not get to see my wrinkled body and grey hair

I only smell mystery around

The more I stay there..the less I worry..

If its an evening, I would look at the sunset

Hoping for an early dinner and some music

I tend to walk around with a glass of wine

I want to look at the silly rustic things then furniture..

Then I may search for something really special

I leave my wine glass somewhere

Now stepping outside, wondering what time it would be,

Untimely wind catches the very urge in me

I look around and I try hard not to miss anything

From the darkness I see someone walking towards me

With all the moonlight in his eyes alone

Here, He is my time

He is my reason

And, He becomes those few seconds before death

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The Portrait and the King / Poem

There is a portrait on the wall, broken.

But its rooted and lodging there for long
Long since the day his soul had fallen, 

Like a glorious king defeated, 

He bared his armour , waited..
One day came with a bee buzz 

The portrait had nestled hundreds 

And they called out like in Warfield

Soon with a thumping heart he looked up 

And the bees left their chamber in alarm 
The broken glass started shedding the frame

Slowly it began to shrink like in a rapid flame

It reminded him of a conversation long back

Of two teary eyed mortals enraptured in dark

The Portrait and the King  ! 

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Anonymous / Poem

Grits and the spirit in it 

A lot of smiles questioned today
Withholding a name,
Love in the times of enchanting folklore

Answer came floating in slowly
Still it made sense dipped in silence
Its more about their sky over the woods
Never about the sea under any vessel !

She flew towards the sky
Brooding woods still have him
With a few glances at eachother,
Boundless they live, and their names.

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Exit / Poem

Of all those days I remember this one..

Where I made an exit,
Right after finding love.
My lashes whisked away the sight,
Blindfolded forever, I turned back.

It crossed me a while ago..
It smelled old.. same old..
Inducing me to rest on memories
I took a sip of the night,
Shearing a thousand days in it.

Gathered around, they sing about love
Of mystic, darker times
Of grey cottages and tender minds
I had to walk away !
This time, right through it.

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Between Us / Poem

​I hv lived with your love and hate

Ruthlessly you have pushed me like a bate

Why is it always feels like a new death 

Whenever you leave me

In the banks of promises

Master, I was deeply in love

You came back each time 

My skin wasnt ready 

My soul screamed in disgrace
At times, its difficult

Because I made love,
More with the soiled words

Than the rosy buds