She felt like an old cave Existed from the beginning But never seen or visited Flooded drained and bloodstained Clothed in a heap of seaweed Crowned with an insane amount of greed She looks forward for tired footsteps And wait for cuckoo’s lamenting anthems Clouds are turning silent Just like her crumbled mind Here comes the refugee Here she enters the same elegy


I would settle for a sunset But years from now, In our favourite colour.. On a less windy day.   You may choose the place Air and earth should be cold Just like the way we first met, Under the moody starless night.   I would settle for a sunset On the very first day of winter When our skins turn blue, And our pale lips tightly glued.

Brown Tiles / Poem

Dark ancient brown tiles They did great as first few pages I wrote broken letters, they let me I screamed in ambiguity, they let me   Here I am, looking for a new page I see polished walls and glossy floors They lack grains and greys They never bleed, they never plead   Brown tiles were you,I suppose Soaked into mere greasy mud Blood is again mixing with ink However this time, wild berries stayed away

Letters / Poem

Is it a letter everyday? Or a letter for each heartache? Sad ! I have not tried both I would have had boxes and boxes of letters .. Enough to bury a monstrous war, Enough to sink all the the beauty and pride ! Enough to burn us into scattered berry blue showers

Walk / Poem

I want to take a walk with you On a deserted beach In blue and golden hours When those waves are in anger And the shore is delightfully colder A gentle wind would pass through Making my ear hoops wiggle You would not notice If you do, Let your anger drench my cold body Let those waves infuse into me And! Let’s have a talk Let’s walk ..

Muffled / Poem

“Talk in silence” “I did that a lot” She waited between the stars.. Then befriended frivolous poetry Distance clouding her words, Dreams poisoning her thoughts “Tonight you failed “ “You no longer belong to the stars” She looked at silence and words One cut her throat before other choke her to death “She could have stayed in Waiting “ “Oh I think Waiting was more beautiful than Her “


“Love, how many squabbles How many fluttering pages And how many mountains of grey We still need to cross ..? ” He stands unarmed Stays in the maze This sight every time.. It burns my soul every time He stares at nothingness Like there is a trade happening Pain and pity heart full Dreams and daisies handful


  When I see roses around bodies Cold air passes with a camphor scent Decades back on a late afternoon, One sight purged my thoughts of miseries Moments are curated already Count them all happily You never match them with others You never lose them to others Awaken is you Happiness is you Tears and worries are you.