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Letters / Poem


Is it a letter everyday?

Or a letter for each heartache?

Sad ! I have not tried both

I would have had boxes and boxes of letters ..

Enough to bury a monstrous war,

Enough to sink all the the beauty and pride !

Enough to burn us into scattered berry blue showers

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Walk / Poem

I want to take a walk with you

On a deserted beach

In blue and golden hours

When those waves are in anger

And the shore is delightfully colder

A gentle wind would pass through

Making my ear hoops wiggle

You would not notice

If you do,

Let your anger drench my cold body

Let those waves infuse into me

And! Let’s have a talk

Let’s walk ..

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Muffled / Poem

“Talk in silence”

“I did that a lot”

She waited between the stars..

Then befriended frivolous poetry

Distance clouding her words,

Dreams poisoning her thoughts

“Tonight you failed “

“You no longer belong to the stars”

She looked at silence and words

One cut her throat before other choke her to death

“She could have stayed in Waiting “

“Oh I think Waiting was more beautiful than Her “

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Tunnel / Poem

There has to be a tunnel, longest one

Where we have taken our walks together


The light, forbidden-

Seasons,Time – all hidden


Whenever I want to step outside

Cold stirring silence draws me back

Blindfolded in a brooding melody

My lonely spirit swirl in secrecy


I started with questions –


“I recite poems .. what’s your way ? Where is that slate ?

Is it paper, female or seashore?

Or living in a tunnel forever ?”

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Door / Poem

There  is us in these closed doors

Behind, you are standing in sleepy pajamas

Looking at the mahogany plates on the door

I picked up from the last country fair

It read lines of our favourite song

And we never had names on it

Your steps had drenched in last night’s rain

My naked heels were still warm

I felt fever around

“You should go back to sleep” I yelled

Farewell to the door and the man behind

I took a deep breath

There comes a bouquet of fragrance

The roses Jasmin and honeysuckles

They shall bloom again for you

I plucked away the plates for me

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New Song / Poem

Listed in a purple book I learnt lyrics

Of a new song I rarely going to sing

It’s not a lullaby or grieving ballad

It sounds more like a lunatic anthem

Roaring verses took me on a roller coaster

I saw rounded candies in all colours

Everything looked rebellious but bleary

Everything caught my arrows of loopy sanity

If I knew I would have stayed distant

Rather unknown than never known

Skipped gazing at the sky like a woodworm

Or sleeping onshore like a newborn

New song, will you set me free ?

You called for what I would never be

Let it bury me

Or I shall become me

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Home / Poem

I am living in this brick house for twelve years by now

My room is silent and clean

It has a small table and one new chair

I sleep fine on this thick yellow mattress

I had five brothers and two sisters

All of them were raised by me

We used to be like a herd of sheep

Sometimes we lost our way home

Youngest of us, asked me on a rainy evening

While I was feeding him some rice and curry

“Do you think I will become rich one day”?

I shook my head in full agreement

My sister was more beautiful than the village we lived

She looked like a fairy till the day she lived

Youngest one was the quirkiest

She was our room of stories

Our parents left us earlier than we thought

Mother,on a cold winter morning, father,after two weeks.

They were inseparable and I wondered,

I wondered if they made me only to look after the other seven

I saw my herd in full moon

I saw them in summer sun

I saw them in rain and flood

I saw them growing in grace

Why do I feel years in a blink ?!

My body is slow but mind, rapid

I see raindrops coming through the leakage of our old roof

I see my brothers fighting for a mango freshly plucked

This winter I am being visited by thoughts

Of a calling.. a distant one

I hear it every now and then

I know where it is coming from

My fairy sister,

the one I couldn’t look after so much

The one who never complained

The one who missed growing

She says it’s wonderful out there

I said I still have duties to finish

Giving me an old strip of cotton, she left

The fever finally took me home

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Moments / Poem


When I see roses around bodies
Cold air passes with a camphor scent
Decades back on a late afternoon,
One sight purged my thoughts of miseries

Moments are curated already
Count them all happily
You never match them with others
You never lose them to others

Awaken is you
Happiness is you

Tears and worries are you.