Kavitha Nair

Interval is over.. now the Second Half..:)

Namaste people:)!!

The title doesnt go with Namaste..right?:)
and the first post itself started with a confusion or question:)


The past 25 years, The FIRST HALF, passed without any troubles. And now i guess i have started LIVING the actual MOVIE called LIFE.

The second half is the most important.. exciting..happening part of any movie .. isnt it..!:)
The whole story must be told well.. The whole story must be concluded well. Be it a story or a cinema. i am always curious about this brilliant story telling part. How the leading characters meet.. how they fight.. how they connect.. how they fall in love.. how they part.. and sometimes how they reunite.:)

In a LIFE MOVIE, the running time is really long, I mean most of the times. It varies too:) Unfortunately unpredictable:) It has a greater canvas and it is filled with so many characters!! So many to connect with,so many to fight with..so many to love and so many to lose..:)

  • MY STORY..

It has started.. obviously:) and it has been really a blessed journey so far..
my life movie is not that thrilling.. its not action packed.. or not even that sentimental.
But yes.. it is worth watching.. only because there are some brilliant characters.. and some superbly executed situations.. beautifully directed by the ULTIMATE POWERFUL DIRECTOR.:)

No foreign locations until now.. The romantic hero has not arrived yet.. But i can manage it like a Julia Roberts.. Madhuri dixit.. or a Vidya Balan . I can hold the audience without a superstar hero.. for some more time..!;)

  • THE BLOG..

Its my third attempt. I have tried blogging twice before.. on my 22nd and 24th birthday. Still have no idea why cudnt i stay and write. In between, Facebook happened to me. And this is an extension.. extension to whatever i scribble there. This is a deliberate step towards completing some incomplete notes and thoughts:) Surprisingly.. i should thank two ladies i met on Facebook itself.. Jyothy Sreedhar and Ashitha.. for making me confident for another attempt:)
Plus.. there are thousands of kind hearts who read me there and i am so blessed having them in my life.


I am just gonna try to give my thoughts some shapes .. shapes of alphabets. If you can see them smiling.. if you can see them weeping.. if you can see them flying up and down like a kite.. i will be happy.


Let me continue playing the heroine part , let me act according to the situations demand.

let this life movie’s second half roll in front of you..:)

Here is thanking everyone who come across this space..

Thank you..

and lets begin with the second half:):)
kavitha nair:)